"Putting Your Dental Needs First With a Gentle Touch."​


A Wide Variety of Services to Suit Your Dental Needs

​Nordstrom Family Dental

Preventative Care
We provide regular cleanings, ultra-sonic cleanings, x-rays, and exams to stay ahead of tooth decay.

​Crowns and Bridge
Crowns help prevent a tooth from breaking after a large filling or root canal. Bridges fill the space of a
missing tooth and help restore proper chewing.

Root Canals
Saving a badly decayed or infected tooth with a root canal treatment is the alternative to having a tooth taken
out or extracted.

White Fillings
We offer tooth colored fillings instead of metal fillings to give your tooth a more natural look.

Dentures and Partial Dentures
We can make removable dentures specific to your mouth to replace missing teeth, help you chew and restore
your smile.

Implant Restoration
Implants are an excellent alternative to bridges, removable partials or dentures. We coordinate with an oral
surgeon for implant (s) placement and then restore the implant (s) for full function.

In most cases we can remove non-restorable teeth, as well as wisdom teeth that are not impacted in bone.

Sedation Options
Often referred to as laughing gas, Nitrous Oxide is a safe and effective way we can manage pain or anxiety
during a dental procedure.

SoniCare Toothbrushes
Get the dentist recommended SoniCare Toothbrush in our office at our cost so you can have the best home
care at the lowest price.

Brighten your healthy smile with a custom at-home bleaching kit.

Serving ages 5 -99
We provide care for all between the ages of 5-99 to keep our Community smiling all year round.

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